Teen Girl Who Thought She Had Constipation Gives Birth in Bedroom: Had No Idea She Was Pregnant

A teenage girl who thought her stomach pain was due to constipation discovered she was actually pregnant after she gave birth in her own bedroom. Niomi Thomas was a nursery worker last year and began experiencing stomach pains. She dismissed it as constipation, and period pains, so she took painkillers.

The pain got worse the next day and she was unable to stand. She felt the urge to push the next morning and gave birth to Talia Thomas. It was a shock to her, the 18-year-old claims. She had no symptoms during pregnancy and used contraception every day.

Nine months after her surprise delivery Niomi is reminding others who had cryptic pregnancies that it’s okay to be ‘not alone. Niomi captured photos of her just a fortnight prior to giving birth, with no signs of a baby bump. Then she took photos of Talia wrapped in a towel in the bedroom shortly after she was born.

Niomi stated that she didn’t know she was pregnant until she gave birth. It was an amazing and surprising discovery. Although it sounds silly, I had absolutely nothing.

“My periods were still coming in and out, and I’ve always had irregular periods. I thought that this was normal since that’s how they’ve been for quite some time now. I felt nothing different. I knew I had gained weight, and I was upset. However, I didn’t believe it was due to pregnancy. It didn’t appear like it was.

“I couldn’t work anymore, so I went home. It got worse over the next few days and, clearly, it was labor.

I thought it was constipation because my mother, neighbor, and 111 operators were all saying “it might be constipation”. It was probably a combination of constipation and my period.

“I was telling my mom, “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about that.” A half-hour later, I couldn’t even move. I was still in my room, so I messaged her to let her know that I didn’t feel well. She advised me to get painkillers.

Niomi stated that she tried taking painkillers, but quickly became hot, sweaty, and ill.

It was extremely traumatic and scary. I was also confused as I had never experienced such intense pain before. The urge to push was overwhelming and I felt relief. I looked around and saw that I had had a baby.

“It was almost as if it were a dream. Although it’s a beautiful, shocking story, it was so traumatizing to see a baby sleeping on the mattress without knowing what it would be like.

Talia, a full-time mom, gave birth to her 7lb 3oz daughter just before noon. Naomi claimed she was 38 to 39 weeks pregnant when Talia was born. She suspects that she was in labor for over 12 hours.

She gave birth immediately after calling her mother. Naomi, who had no idea she was pregnant, said she drank an average of four iced coffees per day and drank three alcoholic drinks per week. This was despite the fact that Talia, now nine months old, was perfectly healthy.

Niomi: “Holding my little girl in the hospital was like realizing that I am a mother now and have a baby to care for.” It was a very special moment. My friends knew I wasn’t well when I didn’t show up at work, and they were right because we share the same location.

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