Stunning Video: Mom Giving Birth in the Backseat of Her Car

The baby and the body don’t adhere to any prescribed dates. They don’t respect time frames. They don’t manage how or when we give birth. Instead, they just do it as they were meant to.

Women are amazing, right? As the old saying goes, “All you have is a void and floor space.” In this instance, it’s the back seat space. Champion management and wonderful birth supporters, too.

Mom Giving Birth in the Backseat of Her Car

Brazil’s obstetrician gave birth in her car — the amazing moment was captured on film.

In an Instagram video, Dr. Gabriela Correia (33), is seen having a baby in a parking lot of a gas station. Correia was accompanied by Gilberto Godoy, her husband, and Joana Nunes, a doula. Deborah Ghelman also documented the whole delivery.

Correia, who was speaking to local news outlet globo said that Godoy and she called reinforcements when they realized they couldn’t make it to the hospital on time. Correia was 9 cm dilate. It’s time for you to push once your cervix reaches 10 cm.

Mom Giving Birth in the Backseat of Her Car

“I had a good support system,” Correia said. Ghelman said that everyone in the car remained calm despite being on adrenalin.

Ghelman said that there was no fear and only joy. This was translated by TODAY Parents into Portuguese.

Ghelman stated that she is happy the video is getting global attention as it shows women’s capabilities without any medical intervention such an epidural.

Mom Giving Birth in the Backseat of Her Car

Ghelman stated that “She is in control of her body, and of the baby.”

Correia said that they were anxious to find out if the baby was a boy/a girl but decided to wait until the moment to find out and then experience something new. “I didn’t expect it would be so many things at once!”

Correia & Godoy now proudly have two sons, Dante and Artur.

Mom Giving Birth in the Backseat of Her Car

Artur, who was born Oct. 24, is now at home with his family.

Correia said that Correia was “super healthy and wonderful”. She thanked her support group.

Mom Giving Birth in the Backseat of Her Car

“Everyone involved with the birth had been there for me during my most difficult times. She shared her feelings with the Brazilian outlet that she had experienced the loss of her first child. They were there for me and supported my needs during this difficult time. It’s been a long road I shared with them.

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