Research Reveals Whether Turmeric Helps In Breast Cancer Treatment

About 70% of breast cancer cases are hormonally driven. Treatment includes oral estrogen-blocking medications. The medications can cause joint pain so many women avoid taking them. This puts them at a higher risk of relapse.

The Safeway Foundation donated $50,000 to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Centre to study the effects of South Asian spice Turmeric on joint discomfort in breast cancer patients receiving anti-estrogen drugs.

Mili Arora (UC Davis associate professor of oncology and hematology), said that “this gift can have a remarkable effect on our application.” “We are grateful to the Safeway Foundation for their support in our efforts to help breast cancer patients live full and healthy lives.”

Some arthritis sufferers use turmeric, a flowering member of the ginger family. They claim it helps reduce their joint pain. The Safeway Foundation grant will enable UC Davis to test the use of turmeric as a tablet in combination with oral anti-estrogen tablets. The purpose of the study is to determine if the spice can reduce joint pain in breast cancer patients and examine whether it enhances their quality of life.

It’s an honor and a privilege to support the work of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Centre. We learn every day about organizations that go above and beyond to help human beings. The cancer center is one such example,” stated Wendy Gutshall (director of public affairs at Safeway).

This observation will enable Dr. Arora and her team to provide essential statistics for breast cancer patients about the effectiveness and protection of turmeric oral anti-estrogen treatment.

The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Centre, which is the only National Cancer Institute-designated center serving the Central Valley and inland Northern California (a region of more than 6,000,000 people), is the best. The center’s experts offer comprehensive, compassionate care to more than 15,000 children and adults annually. They also have access to over 150 active scientific trials.

The innovative software allows scientists from UC Davis to collaborate to discover the best tools to diagnose and treat most cancers. Patients can have access to the most advanced care. This includes immunotherapy and other targeted treatments. The Office of Community Outreach and Engagement addresses the disparities in cancer results among many populations. Most cancers center offers comprehensive training and staff development programs for future generations of scientists and clinicians.

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