People Turning to Private Healthcare

Healthcare for everyone, is that possible?

Appropriate healthcare is one of the main rights of a citizen, and it should be provided by all states, or at least each country should have some sort of efficient heathcare system. People get injured and sick and they need help; also, they must be educated on prevention, profilaxis and a healthy lifestyle. In the United Kingdom, the National Health System provides all these services, and it should do so with all citizens that are in need of this sort of care.

Ideally, everyone, no matter their age or place of residence, not even their level of income, should have access to proper healthcare. However, this has proven not to be possible. We are all human beings, and we have limitations, the same happens to all systems we create. In order to provide proper healthcare to the population, we need a nationwide network with abundant hospitals and GPs, all medical supplies on stock, and an efficient communication and appointment system.

Currently, the NHS is proving itself imperfect, and a rising number of citizens gets frustrated when trying to get an appointment. Around a quarter of patients cannot see their GP when they are in need of surgery or any other sort of medical intervention. This is a serious situation since many people are left unattended, or get an appointment so far away in time that their condition worsens for being untreated. This goes against the purpose and goals of the NHS, and people are trying to find what to do in this sort of situation.

Private healthcare

When you go to private healthcare, you are no longer a mere citizen, you are a client. As such, the healthcare provider will try to satisfy you and provide the best service in order to be better than the competition. The main disadvantage here is that, of course, it costs you money; but the advantage which draws more and more people to private practices is that you can have instant access to a private GP. In some cases, this is just a matter of comfort; in the worst of cases, quick access to a doctor, a diagnose and treatment could literally be the difference between life and death.

As more and more people get frustrated with the NHS because it has become saturated, they are going private in healthcare looking for better attention. Figures show that insatisfaction with the NHS services, especially getting an appointment, have risen significantly in the last few years. Access to free healthcare is especially difficult for people from rural areas who live farther away from a hospital or primary care center. People prefer to try and cope with the potentially high cost of private medicine because, after all, they realize that health might be more improtant than money. They strategize on how to save money and access good healthcare in the private sphere. There are some tricks here, like savings on private medicines which can be achieved in some cases, or combining NHS treatment and private treatment.

Online clinics are another alternative. These are among private clinics, which means that you have to pay for these services, but more and more people are turning to these looking for prescriptions, tests and appointments.

Using private clinics wisely

Online clinics and health services are increasing in popularity, and there is good reason for that. They have many advantages over the NHS, and they are even competitive against traditional private clinics. They provide fast, sometimes instantaneous attention to their public. Using an online portal you can get prescriptions for medication, submit your symptoms and get a diagnosis in a matter of hours, and even access medical tests which are mailed to your very home.

Of course, as these are mostly websites, you should make sure that the service is for real. You can’t check whether or not there are actual doctors and pharmacists at the other side of the screen; and a study showed that over 60% of medication purchased online is fake.

What we suggest is that you check that the website has been properly certified. Online pharmacies must be registered under the General Pharmaceutical Council, and display it somewhere in their websites. Also, you shouldn’t purchase medication from a website that doesn’t ask for a prescription, since not doing so is common practice for selling fake medication. One last advice: check use-by date, as some cheap medication offered online is close to expiration date.

Once you have checked the reliability of an online clinic, you can take your chance and use its services. It is always better to have an actual doctor check on you on a face-to-face appointment, but when that is not possible, you can get a preliminar opinion this way.


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