Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in USA: Average Cost of Reduction Mammoplasty in America

Breast Reduction Surgery, also known as Mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. Buying health insurance is becoming more mandatory. Health insurance allows you to share the financial burden of medical bills during times of need.

Many people ask us how much breast reduction surgery costs in the US. Find out more in the following sections about the average cost of mammoplasty in America. This treatment is an effective option for women who have discomfort from an enlarged breast and want a proportionate breast size.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in the USA

What is the average cost of breast reduction surgery in the US? The average cost of breast reduction surgery in the USA is $5680. This cost is for the procedure only and does not include any other costs.

The average cost of a reduction mammoplasty in America can vary depending on where it is performed, the reputation of the surgeon, and the complexity of the procedure. Breast Reduction Surgery Costs in the USA could include:

  • Anesthesia fee
  • Cost of a hospital or facility
  • Medical Test
  • Post-Surgery clothes
  • Prescription of medicines
  • Surgeon’s fee

Breast Reduction Surgery and Health Insurance

If breast reduction surgery is necessary to improve the patient’s health, many health insurance policies cover it. Your insurer must authorize breast reduction surgery. Check with your insurance to see if they have coverage for breast reduction surgery.

Authorization involves the submission of photos and a letter. Once your insurance company has approved the surgery, you can choose a date and submit photographs. It is important to read the details of your health insurance policy.

For more information on the latest costs and coverage, please contact Molina Healthcare.

Available Finance Options

There are many financing options for breast reduction surgery. There are several financing options available for breast reduction surgery:

  • Medical credit card – Many financial companies offer preapproved medical care cards to share the financial burden of these surgeries.
  • A regular credit card can be used to pay for a surgery fee.
  • Bank loan – You can also opt for a personal loan to pay the surgery fee.
  • Hospitals offer simple payment options. Ask your doctor for details about payment options.
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