7 warning signs of Lung cancer you shouldn’t ignore

Persistent cough

A common cold-related cough should disappear within a week. If your cough persists, consult a doctor. To rule out lung cancer, consult a doctor if you smoke or notice changes in your cough, such as a more frequent cough, a more hoarse sound when you cough, increased mucus production, or bloody cough.

Shortness of breath

Lung cancer is a serious condition that can cause shortness of breath in your daily activities. It could be caused by a lung tumor block, narrowing of the airway, or fluid buildup in the chest.

Chest and bone pain

Lung cancer can cause pain in your chest, shoulders, back, and neck. If cancer has spread to your brain, you may also experience neurological symptoms or headaches. If the pain persists, consult your doctor.


Wheezing can be caused by allergies or asthma. It can also be a sign of lung cancer. Consult a doctor if the wheezing continues.

Change in voice

It could be a simple case of a common cold if your voice has become more strained or hoarse lately. If the symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Persistent chest infection

A persistent chest infection that does not respond to antibiotics, bloody sputum, and infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia that keep returning could all be signs of lung cancer.

Loss of appetite, weight loss, and fatigue

Although weight loss, fatigue, and loss of appetite could all be symptoms of other types of cancers, it is best to see a doctor if these changes persist.

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